We also offer our customers the same high quality product in a white blank package. The same fresh lemon, packed in the same three-layer laminate to keep it fresh.
The white wipe is economical, and always available on stock to supply large quantities at short delivery times.
During the last years the wet-wipe has become a standard product which many restaurants give to their customers as part of the service.
We supply our product to many of the biggest food chains in Israel , thanks to our high quality and to the use of the most advanced printing technologies, which allows printing of 1-2 and up to 4 colors (full process) printing - for exclusive and impressive branding
We offer our customers all kind of hygienic products in the same high quality printed package - soap, shampoo, lotions and more.
We can also pack any liquid product supplied by the customer.
In this area we supply to hotels, air-line companies and some cosmetic brands.
Ma'arzim also offers all kind of personal wet-wipes, soaked in different liquids for various purposes - sun-glasses cleaning and screen cleaning, stain removal from fabric and disinfection of different products.
In this area we supply to sun-glasses shops, computer accessories suppliers and pharma shops.

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